How to Build A Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online: Part IV

Build Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online Part IV by Scope Design

By now your website is designed, probably already live and the written content is either done with or in process. One of the biggest challenges that you’re faced with now is getting people on the website and hopefully taking the actions you want them i.e. buy your product, signup for a newsletter, call you or leave their contact details.

While there are dozens of strategies that can be employed we are going to take the shortest route but one which will cost you money. Paid advertising gets you instant results; you immediately put your website, products, and service in front of people who click your ads. They key to a successful online advertising campaign is planning, and that’s what we are going to dive right into below.

The best paid advertising services

While there are dozens of paid advertising services the best ones in our experience have the following features:

  • The service has access to millions of people who can view your ads.
  • You can custom tailor your message to a specific audience and make sure that only they see it.
  • You have the ability to split test many landing pages.
  • Its pay per click cost is something you can afford.


The three top online advertising or PPC services are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing advertising
  • Facebook advertising

For the sake of simplicity, we are going to focus on Google Adwords, but you can apply the same methodology to just about any advertising platform.


Which are your money keywords?
The tricky part of paid advertising is not finding the right keywords but finding keywords that help you get sales. Take for instance if you’re selling whey protein powder, one of your keywords would be ‘cheap protein powder’, but that will not necessarily yield a sale because ‘cheap’ is a relative term. A better keyword would probably be ‘discounted protein powder’ or something similar, that way your ad will show up when someone is looking for protein powder at a discount. So, the chances of you being able to make a sale increases.

We strongly advise that you start with half a dozen keywords. Use Google ‘keyword planner’ tool to find keywords that are cheap and which will yield a sale. That being said the only way you’ll know for sure which keywords will generate a sale is actually to use them.


Tailor your landing page to the keyword
We have discovered that the best landing pages are those that focus on just one keyword. So if you have half a dozen keywords, make sure you have one landing page that focuses on each keyword. So, in the case of ‘discounted protein powder,’ you can have a landing page that starts with the headline “Limited stock available – 25% discount off your total purchase”. That will instantly attract attention. Then you have a ‘buy now’ button so that people click right away. Below that you can have testimonials, and why your protein powder is better than everyone else’s.


Give people a reason to buy or take the desired action
Starting from the keyword, you choose to the landing page design always highlight why people need to take the action you want them to. The more clearly you highlight that, the better your pages will perform and the higher your ‘return on investment’ (ROI).


Measuring performance
How good is good enough? That’s a question many of our clients ask, but the answer varies. The more competitive your industry is, the more difficult it can be to measure paid advertising performance. However, generally speaking, a 2%-5% conversion is considered ‘OK’ a 7%-10% conversion rate is considered good.

How to use paid advertising to start getting sales or sign-ups for your products and services. via @scopedesign

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