How to Build A Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online: Part III

In Part III of our guide to building a winning business in a niche of your choosing, we will look at improving website performance. When it comes to improving the performance of your website, there are two things you need to be really good at the first being collecting useful data and the second being using that data to improve sales. So, this guide will discuss collecting and making sense of the data a little more mainly because there is more than one way of doing it. We look at what is perhaps the easiest and most efficient ways of making sense of the data you’ve collected.

Build Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online Part III by Scope Design

Start by creating “Personas” or “Avatars”
Most people have no idea how important creating Avatars can be when it comes to creating a winning business, and that’s why they miss this step altogether. To start with Avatars help you identify if the information you’ve collected is enough. The second big reason to use Avatars is that it helps you identify the various people who you’re targeting. So, you end up spending less money and getting better results because you understand the client.

To create an avatar, answer the questions below or better yet plug in the data you’ve collected into the fields. You can print out the below form and just fill it in to get an idea as to the various types of people you’re targeting.


Who is your target audience / customer / client?

  • Their age
  • Their gender
  • What things do they spend on?
  • What personality do they have?
  • What does your target audience do for fun?
  • What problems or physical pains they may have?
  • What opportunities will they be interested in?
  • How technically savvy are they?

If you’re targeting more than one customer type, fill it out for each and give it a name like John Doe, Jane Doe, etc.


Create a campaign for each Avatar
Now that you have a fairly good idea of who your customers / clients are its time to put that data to use and start targeting them. An online business would most probably want to kick off an online advertising and marketing campaign. However, it’s imperative that you have different campaigns for each persona and different campaign goals for each too. That way you can find out what works and why then mix it up so that everything works.


Create a separate landing page for each avatar
It may sound strange, but it’s the very first step. Your landing page is going to tell you a lot about how successful the campaign is. It’s not uncommon for marketers working for a winning business to create more than one landing page for each avatar. It just goes to show just how committed you are and how much time you’re willing to invest. The more time you put into this step, the better.

Your landing page should consist of the following elements regardless of what Avatar you’re targeting:

  • It should have a compelling heading
  • The landing page should reflect your brand’s image and tone
  • Add social proof in the form of testimonials, videos,
  • If there is a major recognizable brand that you’re associated with like Google, Yahoo or CNN add those to the portion above the fold.
  • Have at least three ‘call to actions’. The first one possibly above the fold, then in the middle and at the very end.
  • Keep the content short, tight but not pushy

Once your landing page is up and running, you can have the respective campaign pointing to that page. Make sure to add the required code to measure performance i.e. from Adwords, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Bing, etc.

In Part IV of How to Build a Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online, we will look at campaign strategies and tactics.