How to Build A Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online: Part V (Final)

Build Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online Part V by Scope Design

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face once their website is up and running is generating traffic. In the previous part, we talked about using paid advertising to generate traffic and hopefully sales or leads for your business. But that’s not the best long term strategy because paid advertising can end up being expensive especially if you’re in an industry which is highly competitive. So, there needs to be a long-term, sustained effort towards getting targeted traffic and that’s something we will discuss in the final part of this series.

Guest Blogging and Local Blogging for Influence

Whether you’re offering a service or selling a product blogging is one of the best ways to reach and educate people about what you do. There are two types of blogging, and both are equally important. You simply can’t do one without the other but doing so will just not yield the results you need for your business to be successful online.


Build Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online Part V by Scope Design


Local Blogging

Create a WordPress blog on your website and start adding content. If you’re selling a product, then talk about it. Make sure that your blogs are keyword optimized, add videos and pictures. Also, make sure to share your blog posts via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Your blogs should be laser focused on what you do for instance if you’re a personal trainer blog about training, nutrition, clients’ results, best practices, etc. Think just about anything that would help people get interested in what you offer because you are an authority!

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is when you blog for other people’s or business’s blogs. There are numerous guest blogging opportunities. However, it’s important to find blogs that are in your niche, and then send the webmaster or owner of the blog a proposal. Googling should help you find blogs that are within your niche. Most people will not turn away someone who wants to write for them, but they will be concerned about the quality of your blog posts. So, make sure that you have a couple of ideas lined up before you pitch, then add anchored links pointing back to your website because without that you will not be able to generate traffic from your efforts.

Free Webinar

Offering a free webinar is one of the best ways of collecting leads. You can post the details of your Webinar (date, time and agenda) on your Facebook page and invite people to sign up. However, the webinar needs to offer people something of value so that they signup and continue to recommend future webinars. Taking the above example of a personal trainer you can set up a webinar whereby you discuss nutrition for individuals who are ‘skinny fat.’  The more laser focused your topic is, the better you’ll be able to categories and then market to those people.

Get on YouTube

Almost everyone today searches for a solution to their problem and in most cases Google prefers videos. So, if you’re able to put out videos that help generate traffic but are focused on a particular audience, there is no reason why you will not get a lot of traffic. However, it takes time to build a following on YouTube. The first step is to setup a channel and start posting videos, then post links to your videos on Facebook and other social networks. You can also start with sponsoring other related videos until you get a few hundred likes.



To generate traffic organically focus on it as a long-term goal, something you continue to work on every day. However, if your business does not allow you to work on organic traffic generation, it would be worthwhile to hire a professional. By hiring a professional who knows what they are doing, you’ll be able to handle other business related matters more efficiently. That said until your business gets to that point doing it yourself can be a lot more cost effective.

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