Tips for Writing Memorable Slogans or Taglines for Your Business

Tips for Writing Memorable Slogans or Taglines for Your Business by Scope Design

One of the most difficult questions to answer even for an experienced copywriter is ‘what makes a slogan in effect memorable?’ Obviously, a slogan should be easy to remember because that’s the whole point of it. When writing slogans or brainstorming to find which one will work best for your products or service, make sure never to overlook obvious everyday words. Plus, make sure to keep the below-mentioned tips in mind.

Tips for Writing Memorable Slogans or Taglines for Your Business by Scope Design

The KISS technique

KISS stands for Keeping It Short and Simple! A slogan should be short enough to remember. The shorter, the better according to many experts. Ideally, keep a slogan limited to under nine words, the fewer, the better, though.

Remain consistent

We have mentioned this many times before, consistency in your key to branding success regardless of business size or type. So, your slogan should complement the business name, image, and logo. So, for instance, if you mention the color green in your slogan it is only a good idea if your logo has some significant green color in it or it’s an environmentally friendly business.

The slogan should be about what makes your business different

What is your product’s or business’s unique selling point? Use the most obvious and significant point as part of the slogan. For instance, if you’re a car rental company capable of delivering any car anywhere, unlike any other service make sure it’s mentioned in your slogan. Don’t be scared of exaggerating a bit if it makes the slogan memorable.

Your slogan shouldn’t be associated with a point in time

Don’t add dates, time, or a historic event to your slogan. It should be timeless! If anything, your business will change with time and you’ll not want the slogan to hold things back especially when it comes to branding. Also, choose words that will last forever!

The slogan should make sense on its own

The slogan should say something about your business. If it’s a restaurant, it should mention dining, eating, plates or forks, etc. You don’t necessarily need to form a great sentence just a catchy amalgamation of words.

Take the target market into consideration

Who are your customers? Are they local, international or national? If your business is primarily focused on Philadelphia for instance, the slogan can reflect this fact. However, if you’re going to use a term that’s not popular outside of Philadelphia for a business that has a more national approach, then it’s going to fail. So, it always helps to have a profile of your target market before finalizing a slogan.

If you’re eventually going to sell products or offer services in other countries, then the slogan will need to be translated. You’ll want to keep this in mind especially after KFC’s slogan was translated into Chinese as “eat your fingers off,” not exactly appetizing!

Get some input

Finally, coming up with a catchy slogan can be a tough job. Some people end up doing it for so long that they can’t tell if the slogan is good or bad. That’s where getting input comes in. We’ve found that using Facebook’s poll feature to get opinions from our following helped a great deal. Nevertheless, ask friends and family members for their opinions too, you never know who may have a bright idea!

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