5 Situations Where Hiring A Professional Copywriter Makes Sense

5 Situations Where Hiring A Professional Copywriter Makes Sense by Scope Design

Many small business owners write their own copy, and even though some may be good, it’s not always the best thing to do. If anything, hiring a professional copywriter ensures that your website, landing page, brochure, etc. are all carrying the same message and tone. It is also for this reason that we strongly advise that businesses rely on one professional to ensure a uniform tone throughout. That said below are a couple of scenarios where hiring a professional will make the most sense.

You are not a good writer

Not many people can write, and that’s a known fact. Plus, it can be hard to write something you feel no connection with or feel disputed about. If you hate writing or are just not good at putting words down that count as good copy, then hiring a professional will save you time and even money. Remember that regardless of how good your service or products are if you can’t effectively communicate with customers with a powerful message they will fail to see the value!

You don’t have the mental stamina

5 Situations Where Hiring A Professional Copywriter Makes Sense by Scope DesignProfessional copywriting is stressful. It requires not just drafting but rewriting, correcting and constantly changing the copy till it’s perfect. If you have a dozen pages to write in just two days, chances are it will not be done in time. If you still insist on writing everything it will lead to burnout and which will sabotage your productivity in other aspects of your business.

You require a writer with industry expertise

It’s easy to create a daily content blog but to find someone who can contribute to it on a regular basis can be challenging. Also, drafting sales letters and landing pages that convert visitors to customers require industry knowledge and expertise. So, whether you need an SEO copywriter, an expert white paper writer or someone who has all the above skills and understands your industry hiring a professional makes sense.

Being way too close to the topic or subject

It is tough to be objective about a business that you’re so passionate about. Many business owners can’t get past writing the ‘features and benefits’ page. A professional copywriter is not that close to your business which makes them entirely objective. If anything, a professional may see your service or product from the eyes of potential customers making the resulting copy a lot more effective. However, when hiring a professional ensure that he or she has access to real customer feedback and language so that the text drafted is more effective.

You require perfection

Small business owners need to juggle many tasks. Professional copywriting has to be perfect, or it’s irrelevant. Your copy should have:

  • An excellent headline which immediately attracts attention
  • Content that’s authoritative and well structured
  • Zero fluff and clutter
  • Value of the product or service should be clearly conveyed
  • Grammatically sound!

Professional copywriters tick all of the above boxes because they are language gurus. So, you end up with copy that flows well, reads professionally and has a consistent tone.


Hiring a professional copywriter is an investment which pays dividends. Just as you would choose an excellent hosting service, web designer and backend developer pick a copywriter wisely!

Writing professional copy is not for everyone. We discuss when hiring a #professional #copywriter makes sense in business. via @scopedesign

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