How Can A Small Business Build Web Presence And Retain Customers?

Business bigwigs have the pool of money to invest in major league marketing experts, consultants, and advertisings. They have the power to influence and grab hold of customer attention.

Does that mean, the small business you are running can’t score big in this rat race?

Small and midsize businesses, might not have the treasure chest like the large scale enterprises, but they have one thing that can change the game in their favor, and that is – the INTERNET!

What small businesses need in order to grow their business online and generate revenue?

With the right online marketing strategies in place, a user-friendly, optimized and modern website and a strong social media profile, you can create an infinite number of small business opportunities!

  • Modern, user-friendly, feature-oriented and robust website
  • SEO
  • Social Media
Small Business Build Web Presence


Having a reliable website is essential and mandatory for every small and midsize business. Keeping this vital point in mind, you should focus on the value proposition of the venture. What you are offering to the customer and how it is different from others in the marketplace.

The homepage will be more like a Q&A page, where your consumers will find answers to all the questions they have regarding your business. The homepage will also act as the catalysts that drive users to make decisions in your favor. Also, this page can turn in or away your audience.

Next up is the About Us section of your website. You should offer as much personal information, as possible about your team. Your potential customers would love to know with whom s/he are dealing and how you can add value to their objectives or business or personal needs.

The final page to concentrate on is the CONTACT US page. You should be direct and concise. Mention the contact details here, add a Google Map and a form, where your customers can leave the necessary inform or queries. That’s all. No frills and fancies to add on this page.

The final page and the most important one is the blog page. Use this page for content marketing, sharing news, writing on useful and relevant topics and connecting with users through the sheer use of resourceful, original and creative content on a regular basis.


Search Engine Optimization

A website alone will not do the magic. You need to optimize it for search engines.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Here’s the perfect definition of Search Engine Optimization or SEO – In most cases, search engines behave as the middleman between you and your quest to drive potential customers to your website. Your site needs to be SEO-friendly to the core, in order to get indexed by search engine spiders and appear on the first page of a search page.

Here’s a cheatsheet for you to achieve all of these – or you can get in touch with us to do it for you.

Social Media

Finally, get your train back on the tracks and ride to the town of Social Media. It’s here where your future customers are spending their time. Just think it as a platform, used by businesses to not only connect with their clients but also interact, communicate and build long-term relationships.

Social media puts you in direct communication with your customers. They can talk to you about their needs, share feedback and can even thank you for your services. This direct channel of communication is the best thing to happen to any business that cares for its audience.

It’s here where real-time communications take place. Social Media drive customers to follow you, like your page, retweet, heart and link with your business. Keep the connection real, just like you would do with your beloved. If they follow you, follow them back. If they like your page, send out a ‘thank you’ message or something. Let them know that you appreciate them.

Customer retention is not easy, but not impossible. You simply need to be present at the right place, and the right time.