How to Build A Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online: Part II

One of the keys to making sure that your business website does exactly as you planned is to fine tune it, but that’s only possible if you put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. One of the biggest mistakes online startups make is assuming that people would be interested in their products or services. The assumption can end up costing you thousands of dollars mainly because it will lead you to get the wrong type of web design, landing pages, social media campaigns and advertising. Part II of our guide to creating a winning business will be about focusing on what your business does and for whom.

Build Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online Part II by Scope Design

Difficult but important questions to ask
Start by asking yourself these questions. It is important to take your time before answering. Some questions will require that you go back and do a bit of research which is always a good thing because at this point it does not cost you anything but it’s key to creating a winning business.

  • Why will anyone want to visit your website? Are you offering free advice that cannot be found anywhere else or is your product so unique that you’re the only one selling it? There could be an array of reasons why people will visit your website but reflect upon the most obvious ones and work from there.
  • Do you offer visitors a reason to revisit your website or return to buy again? The only way your online business is going to be a success is if people see value in returning. If it’s just a one off product, you’ll end up advertising more than you sell.
  • How will customers / clients find your website? What form of advertising will you use and why do you think its effective? If online marketing and adverting is not your foray, then you’ll have to hire an expert for this.
  • What are your company’s goals? Apart from making money, you should have goals such as expansion into a new region of the world, putting up a new product, A winning business isn’t just about making money.
  • How do you see the new website you’re working so hard on improving your business? This is a very important question because it will dictate exactly how much time and money you should invest in this venture.


Perform competitor analysis
Understanding how successful they are and what makes them successful could help you avoid trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak. By analyzing your competitors, you’ll also figure out what’s working for them and why as well as what’s not working.

When performing competitor analysis make sure to answer the following questions along the way:

  • How professional are the websites? In some niches, the websites may be amateurish which means that you could conquer with a professionally designed website.
  • How are they luring customers into the sales funnel? They could be using an array of tactics from your standard landing page to a dozen pages for each angle. Some even use social media and tie that in directly with their sales funnel. Knowing how it works will help save you tons of work.
  • How much are they making? Try to estimate how much they are earning. You can get their website’s traffic report which should give you some insight into how many unique visitors they get each day.

Once you have all the information using the tactics above you can then go about creating customer / client profiles. The more information you have, the more accurate your profile would be. So, feel free to add more questions to the list above depending on your product, services, and overall niche.

In Part III of How to Build a Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online, we will look at various tactics you can employ to improve how your website performs. We will see how to plug in the data you’ve gathered using the above techniques.