5 Benefits of Hiring A Professional Copywriter for Your Website

A professional copywriter is a salesman with a keyboard. The copywriter needs to persuade readers by crafting copy which influences their decision. The decision can be about buying a product, referring a service or signing up for a newsletter. Since people are inherently visual creatures, vivid paintings, masterful digital photographs and memes are easily processed. It is for this reason that the written word is often neglected and in some cases entirely overlooked.

That said your website’s copy is still its most valuable asset. Well written text sticks in the mind, is creative and articulate, easily connecting with readers. Below are a few key reasons why hiring a professional is a great business decision.

5 Benefits of Hiring A Professional Copywriter for Your Website by Scope Design

Connecting with your audience

A large number of websites have a similar copy to a lot of other websites in the industry. The reason being that a part timer took up the task of researching and re-writing possibly copy that was uninspiring. So, you end up with copy that sounds like it’s written by a snake oil salesman. The disconnect between your business and the audience is a distraction. Good copy is direct, not salesy, and offers a solution to the reader without having to delve too deep into the problem. A unique personal tone helps keep readers engaged and the ‘buy’ button the hottest spot on the page instead of the ‘back’ button!

Provide fresh perspective

A good copywriter will have a fair bit of industry experience, be intelligent and have excellent problem-solving skills. A fresh perspective ensures a creative, immersive and conversion oriented copy. But be ready to answer questions like ‘what problem does the product and or service solve?’, ‘what’s the vision and purpose of the business?’, etc. This allows the copywriter to approach the content in his or her unique way which if anything isn’t stale and repetitive.

Improve your visibility online

Keyword stuffed websites no longer rank, and that’s a fact. Not only does keyword stuffed content repulse visitors but you’ll also provoke a possible ban from Google which means dropping off search results. A professional copywriter understands SEO, and he or she can weave all those keywords into their brilliant copy.

Subtle audience seduction 101

The core of any professional copywriter is their marketing brain and marketing is about seduction. If the content allows the reader to forget that you’re selling them something, then they will buy. A professional will focus on being empathetic, and relatable. The word choices and overall sentence structure will be impactful. Plus, social proof will seal the deal. The biggest mistake a newbie copywriter makes is to create over the top content which is too good to be true!

Good communication

On the internet, great or even good communication is a rare but desired commodity. Copywriters are naturally good communicators, so they are able to express themselves with precision and clarity. They can follow your instructions to the dot and will ask you specific questions which are vital to solving the creative problem at hand. Working with an array of business in various industries ensures that their knowledge is broad and immense something that any business can use to avoid potential content pitfalls.


Copywriting is like any other skill i.e. would you design your own website and program the backend too? Little or no experience means bad results or worse losing your business. Professional copywriters can salvage your image if it’s nearly lost and give you a brilliant voice if you’re just starting out!