How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

how to spy on your competitors facebook ads

What if I informed you that you could be the James Bond of regional marketing? Would you be intrigued?

I can’t assure you access to an Aston Martin and Bond’s cool gizmos, however I can inform you how to get a bead on your rivals’ Facebook advertisements. It is among the very best methods I understand to tweak your marketing and outmatch your regional competitors.

The bright side? It’s not tough to do! You do not require a great deal of cash or a British accent. Here’s what you require to understand. Here’s how to spy on your competitors Facebook ads.

What is the Facebook Advertisement Library?

You’re most likely conscious that Facebook and its developer, Mark Zuckerberg, have actually come under some extreme examination because the 2016 governmental election due to using the social networks platform for “phony news” advertisements. Among the tools that Facebook has actually provided to attend to the criticism is theFacebook Ad Library.

On the surface area, its planned usage is to offer openness in marketing. You can plug in the name of any Facebook page and see the advertisements they have actually positioned– with an unique focus on political and issue-based advertisements.

The search choice defaults to release, Electoral or Political advertisements, however there are 2 other choices readily available:.

  • Real Estate (Facebook has actually likewise come under attack for permitting loan providers to utilize advertisements in prejudiced methods)
  • All Advertisements

That last choice is the one that lets you peek at what your rivals are doing.

How to Utilize the Facebook Advertisement Library

The secret to utilizing the Facebook Advertisement Library is comprehending how it works and what to do with the details you discover there.

The initial step is to make a list of your rivals. Make certain to keep in mind the precise name they utilize on Facebook– you’ll require that details to see their advertisements.

Next, go to the Facebook Advertisement Library. Then follow these actions:.

  1. Click the “All Advertisements” choice.
  2. Enter the name of the rival whose advertisements you wish to see into the search box.
  3. Pick their page from the list that appears.

When you click the name, you’ll see a page that shows the Facebook advertisements the page is running. You’ll have the ability to see:.

  • Whether the advertisement is active or not
  • When your rival started running the advertisement
  • The advertisement material, consisting of copy, images, and video
  • The advertisement’s ID number
  • The URL of the advertisement, so you can include it to your library for future recommendation

What I especially like is that you can see every model of the advertisement that’s running. For instance, you may see that a rival is running 2 comparable advertisements with various images or somewhat various copy.

The something you can’t do is spy on their targeting, however that does not imply that you can’t make reasonings from what you discover.

Tips for Utilizing What You Discover on Facebook Advertisement Library

How can you utilize what you discover with Facebook Advertisement Library? Here are some ideas and finest practices to assist you maximize your espionage.

  1. Conserve any advertisements you believe work As I discussed above, you can quickly get the URL of any advertisement by clicking the 3 dots on the upper right-hand corner of the advertisement. Click “Copy Advertisement Link” to get the Advertisement Library URL for the link. I keep a spreadsheet to track the advertisements that I gather.
  2. Take a look at the images your rivals are utilizing for tips about what their target market desires. If you understand a rival is succeeding and you see they’re utilizing illustrations or infographics in their advertisements, it may be a great concept to imitate what they’re doing and update your images appropriately.
  3. Make notes about the kinds of material your rivals are promoting. Are they utilizing images? Videos? Tests? It’s particularly beneficial to keep in mind the material that gets utilized most often. If your rivals are paying any attention to the ROI on their Facebook advertisements, the duplicated material is likewise most likely their most successful material.
  4. Take notice of how your rivals connect the images in their advertisements to the copy. Many reliable FB advertisements utilize images that are straight connected to the deal in the advertisement, however there are exceptions. Taking notice of patterns amongst your rivals can assist you do a much better task of selecting engaging images for your own advertisements.

Consider the advertisements you view as a book revealing you how to get in touch with your target market and pull consumers far from your rivals.

Dynamic Creative Advertisements

Among the very best methods to profit from what you gain from spying on your rivals is to let Facebook do a few of the work for you. If you’re not currently utilizing Dynamic Creative Ads, which is Facebook’s automated advertisement developer, then you’re most likely losing out on a possibility to get in touch with your audience.

Dynamic Creative Advertisements will assist you develop advertisement mixes you may not have actually thought about by yourself. You’ll require to make certain you have the kinds of material you wish to utilize in your library, however you can do that quickly enough after you spy on your rivals.

Essentially, Dynamic Creative Advertisements will blend and match your choices to enable you to reach your marketing objectives. You can pick objectives that consist of:.

  • Conversion
  • Traffic
  • Video Views
  • Reach
  • Brand Name Awareness
  • App Setup

I consider the Facebook Advertisement Library and Facebook Dynamic Creative Advertisements as a one-two punch that will assist you to get the very best of your rivals even if they have a larger marketing spending plan than you do. By utilizing both, you can get rid of much of the uncertainty and unpredictability that features Facebook marketing.

My recommendation is to commit a long time early in the brand-new year to scoping out what your rivals are finishing with their Facebook marketing. Utilize what you find out to develop the sort of material that’s going to assist you divert traffic from them, increase your conversion rate, and grow your company.

Here's a simple way to scope out what your competitors are doing with their Facebook advertising via @scopedesign

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