How to Find the Right Images for Your Facebook Ads

How to Find the Right Images for Your Facebook Ads by Scope Design

One of the biggest challenges for businesses that advertise using Facebook ads is finding the right images. Facebook allows for companies to use images that directly relate to the service or products advertised. However, the problem with some business owners is that it isn’t easy finding an accurate image representation of their business. For instance, a tax consultant may not be able to find that one image which instantly conveys to the viewer what the business is all about. Since Facebook limits the number of words, you can add to the image the challenge of effectively advertising your business even greater. Thankfully, we have a couple of ideas which may help businesses trying to turbocharge their Facebook advertising effectively.

How to Find the Right Images for Your Facebook Ads by Scope Design

Take your own photos         

Now every cell phone on the market has a 12-megapixel camera so taking a picture is no longer a problem. If you don’t want to dive through dozens of stock photos or hate that your ads will look like those of your competitors taking your own photos is a good option. However, this approach will mostly work if you’re selling a product like drain cleaning solution, or maybe clothes or shoes. But if you’re selling a service like SEO, legal assistance, etc. the subject of your photos may not always be this cut and dry.

Hiring a professional photographer

Professional photographers who are really worth what they charge do more than just carry around an expensive camera with a set of various lenses. Photographers are creative and can help take pictures based on the type of advertising you’re running. For instance, if you were offering legal services, the photographer may take a picture of you and your team in front of the courthouse which people can readily recognize. The photographer will and should be able to find things about your business that make it stand out. Hiring a professional photographer may come across as overkill at first, but when you’re competing with other advertisements using high-quality photos, it can help you stand out and make your advertising more effective.

Choosing stock images

If getting a professional to conduct a photo shoot at your office or to come up with a professional photo for your advertisement is too expensive then why not use stock photos. Facebook advertisers have access to millions of images via their Shutterstock library, and it does not cost extra either. The images have been commercially licensed and available for all Facebook ads formats.

Best practices when choosing an image or developing one yourself

Whether you sell an array of products or just one service, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. The first being to always choose an image for your Facebook ads that geared towards your target audience. You need to think about what types of images will resonate with the audience.

Just like testing various versions of your Facebook ads is important, so is testing different types of images. Regardless of where your images come from try to split test and keep the ones that perform the best.

Your images should be in context with your service / product. We have found that even a simple image of someone holding up their phone while using the product i.e. an app, sipping coffee, etc. helped in improving return on investment. So, it certainly pays to get creative with your photography and generous with your advertising copy!

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