What You Never Know about Your New Customers


Somebody simply purchased your $10 ebook. Huge offer, right? Clients might or might never make another buy from you once again.

Well … what if you deal with ALL of your clients as though they deserve $1,000 to you, and even $10,000?

Due to the fact that honestly, you can’t inform which ones are going to end up being the big wheel.

And if you irritate a big wheel, you can lose a Great Deal Of company.

stencil Eastern Airlines failed in1991 I question if how they selected to treat their clients had anything to do with it …

The CEO of Eastern Airlines came entering at the last minute for a flight.

Very first class was complete, so to put the CEO in very first class, they bumped a paying consumer.

Potentially feeling guilty, the CEO made his method back to economy class.

There he said sorry to the consumer who was bumped and presented himself as the CEO of the airline company.

The consumer responded: “Well, I’m the CEO of IBM.”


It’s not a far stretch to picture the IBM CEO providing an order when he went back to the workplace, informing his business to stop utilizing Eastern Airlines entirely.

Nor is it tough to picture that CEO informing other CEO’s about his experience.

Aim to deal with every consumer like a CEO, and you’ll likely fare a lot much better than Easter Airlines.


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