How to Make Your Content Shareworthy

How to Make Your Content Shareworthy by Scope Design

A successful social marketing campaign relies a great deal on creating content that people want to read and then share. However, creating shareworthy content is not a push-button process. It requires that copywriters and marketers put thought into the message they want to convey and how it will be received. Most of all it needs to be optimized for social media and to the audience it is meant for because that’s the only way people will read it or react to it. The good news is that there are a couple of things worth considering when creating shareworthy content.

How to Make Your Content Shareworthy by Scope Design
Know your audience

One of the keys to creating shareworthy content is to know your audience. We don’t mean just know them regarding their net worth or where they live or what car they drive but rather who their friends might be. What other interests your target audience would have etc. For instance, if you were selling golf accessories your audience would also probably be interested in the stock market, they may also be interested in buying a condo and even a brand new Mercedes. Also, their friends may be people who enjoy vacationing in the Bahamas or Hawaii. Plus, most of their friends would probably be in their late 40s. When you create content that encompasses this audience as a whole, it becomes shareworthy to the entire group.

Draft content with valuable information

You need to draft content that your target audience and their acquaintances will find useful. The content needs to be so good or useful that they feel obligated to share it. Avoid sales oriented content. The goal should be to provide content that entertains or educates or informs on something they can’t learn anywhere else. Also, try to angle the material so that it touches the emotions of your audience.

Make the content very easy to share

Good shareworthy content is only good if your audience knows how to share it. Your social media buttons should be easy to identify. If you see that your content is not being shared then take a second look at the placement of your social media buttons.

Use impactful images

Social media is all about great imagery that your audience can relate to. Visual content can help to drive actions more efficiently even more than text and video. Even though platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are well known for their image only platforms but don’t just restrict yourself to them. Even websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, will serve you well with good visuals.

Create shock value

Shareworthy content will only be shared if its read. One way to get them to read if it’s something that shocks them. It can be controversial, edgy or absurd. So, your content will not just appeal to those within the industry but to even outsiders.

The power of trending topics

Use a tool like to get some insights into trending topics. Then tailor your content to those topics. If anything, trending topics or those associated with them have a higher chance of being shared. However, try to understand the topic fully before trying to leverage it.


Coming up with shareworthy content for social media is a challenge. But like everything else getting it right takes a few shots in the right direction. By planning and carefully thinking through your online marketing, it’s easy to get ahead of your competition.

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