6 Sources of Creative Inspiration for Artists

6 Sources of Creative Inspiration for Artists by Scope Design

Most artists and even the successful ones have found themselves faced with a lack of inspiration. A lack of motivation or creative inspiration can be devastating for artists whose rely on their creativity to earn a living. However, a lack of inspiration is not something known only to artists; a similar crisis called ‘writer’s block’ is faced by writers, and the same goes for any other creative individual. That said the real art or perhaps the secret is knowing how to break this barrier by finding sources of great inspiration. Below we explore some of the best sources of creative inspiration for artists online.

6 Sources of Creative Inspiration for Artists by Scope Design

The Swissmiss blog is worth a look

It is the blog of NYC designer Tina Roth. The blog is regularly updated several times a day with some of the most inspiring and creative pieces of art, coupled with extraordinary content. If anything, we suspect that the blog is meant to inspire and instigate that much-needed spark in creative artists of all industries.

Springwise is full of ideas

The people who founded Springwise wanted to present entrepreneurs with new ideas. However, over the past couple of months, we have found that it is a great source of creative ideas and helps trigger creativity. If you find yourself looking at a blank sheet for hours, then you’ll want to browse through the Springwise blog to see if its gives you a light bulb moment.

Core77 is designed for creative inspiration

It is one of the biggest web sources for all manner of creative inspiration. You’ll find unbelievably well-written tutorials, articles and guides to help to trigger your creativity. If there is one creative blog you should go through when in need of inspiration, ‘Core77’ is the one we recommend. Digital arts students will find that their Hack2School guide is packed with useful ideas and creative solutions.

A blog for digital creative artists

Called ‘You the Designer’ it is a blog that not just provides inspiration with regular posts but also well-written articles tailored to people in the digital market. You’ll also find useful links to resources such as graphics, and fonts, etc. So, whether you need free stuff or inspiration for your next website design, this is a must visit website.

Stuck with a problem and need inspirational help

As creatives, we sometimes end up with creative assignments we have no idea how to approach. While creative inspiration can drive us in one direction knowing how to use that inspiration can be another story. The ‘Tutorial Blog’ is a design blog which has been around for a very long time. It mostly consists of how-to’s. So, whether you need to create a brand-new website for a dog walking company or come up with a unique symbol as a logo the how-to’s on this website coupled with creative inspiration can be a big help.

Stimulate your senses with Bauldoff

Creative inspiration for artists should be more than just images according to the founder of this website. Bauldoff is a multifarious stimulation resource for creative inspiration. Your creative brain will be stimulated with videos, images, artwork and jazz! We bet that it can break the toughest creative blocks.

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