7 Reasons Why Your Brand Identity Should Be Strong

These days, Entrepreneurs at business conferences frequently use the word “Brand” as easily as one would say the phrase “I am”.

Don’t get me wrong- it’s not overused. It quite frankly means that a lot of people are becoming more aware of the power building a business into a brand consequently wields. In that case, let’s get to understand this concept very quickly.

“Your Brand Identity” is what makes your coffee store different from Starbucks down the road. Its what makes you stand out among so many other like brands.

Hold on… We may be going too fast.

It isn’t your logo that makes you stand out. It’s “one” of those things.

Your Brand is what people confidently say about you when you’re not in the room. This is Jeff Bezo’s idea of what your brand is.

Here’s what happens when your idea of your brand matches with what your target audience thinks…

  • An Identity Bigger Than The Founder(s);

When a brand Identity is strong, it makes it easy for the Brand to develop on its own terms, without an interference with your personal brand. It gives your company a “big aura” of some sort.

  • An Increased Professional Status:

Clients will want to do business with your brand because you show a high level of professionalism. Who wants to work with a brand that presents itself like an “afterthought”?

You’re right; nobody!

  • Increased Brand Loyalty:

A 35 year old lady has stuck to the same fragrance brand since her teenage years. She has never had a physical conversation with the brain behind the business, but she is undoubtedly loyal. It doesn’t matter what new city she finds herself in, she never thinks for a moment to switch her fragrance. Many a time, she has been responsible for making other ladies pick it above all the others they find at the deodorant store.

That’s what brand loyalty looks like.

Clients will only do this when you’ve displayed a level of consistency and concern when it comes to their needs.


  • Attracts Partnerships/Investments:

People would only want to partner with a brand they are sure about. They know what you’re capable of because you’ve told them. How?

With their customer journey. If your brand is consistent, other brands would be interested in providing a solution with your input.


  •  Attracts A Competent Workforce:

Every smart girl/dude wants to work with the brand he/she (plus the general public) can easily identify with. It’s even better is yours is known for an excellent employee situation. Your HR Department will receive job application emails more frequently than you’d enjoy.

Unfortunately, that’s one of the perks of having such a strong brand Identity.


  • Increases Your Brand Recognition:

What makes you recognize an Apple product when you see one? There’s that “half-eaten apple” staring at you and promising you optimized device use. Now think, what makes your brand recognizable? That “thing” is what makes people easily remember your brand because it has become “top-of-the-mind”.


  • Your brand is able to appeal to people. Remember that people never remember what doesnt appeal to them in any way.

Now will you rather get your branding right and enjoy all these good stuff now and in the long run or flunk it and hire an expensive Consultant later on?

You’re smart, you’ll figure it out I hope!