3 YouTube Tools That Will Help You Deliver Better Content for Greater Exposure


Ask any marketer or online business marketing manager and they will tell you that YouTube is by far the most powerful marketing channel.

If you’re successful at marketing your videos on YouTube, you’ll have no problem ranking in Google search, with rich snippets to attract attention and drive brand awareness.

Even though YouTube is an excellent platform for building a following and relationship it can be an overwhelming task. There are many moving parts to keep an eye on.

So, producing quality is just one of the many parts that require your attention. The good news is that there are numerous tools that can make your life easier, below we look at video marketing tools that help you drive better results.

Keyword optimizing your video for more traffic

If you want to attract the most attention to your YouTube video, use the right keywords. Though keywords shouldn’t dictate what direction you take with the video, they should help to enhance it further.

One of the most useful tools we’ve used in this respect is the Bulk Suggest Tool, a freebie developed by the Internet Marketing Ninjas.

The tools works by searching Google and YouTube’s Auto-Complete database to help you expand on your initial terms and keywords. If anything these tools help you better understand the audience you’re targeting.Another tool worth mentioning is SERPstat, which helps to extract queries which are formulated as questions using your keyword suggestions.

Competitor channel analysis

If you want to market your videos and your channel successfully, you’ll need to keep an eye on the competition. Competitor analysis helps you find out what is working better and how you can improve viewer engagement.

We found that BirdSong Analytics’ feature called ‘YouTube Analysis’, is extremely effective. The pay as you go structure means that you pay as much as you use the tool. The tool works by you entering a channel you’re competing with and it will then dig up lots of information, reports and stats such as:

  • The best time a competitor uploads
  • The best day they upload their videos
  • The best time in the way of comments
  • The best day for them to get comments
  • What affects video duration is having on viewer figures
  • Most used number of words in captions, etc.


All the information can be downloaded in an MS Excel sheet, including their videos, titles, upload date, descriptions, upload day and duration as well as the number of likes, comments and views for every video. We strongly advise that you always analyze a couple of channels prior to implementing these reports in your video marketing strategy.

Creating beautiful design

YouTube marketing is not just only about creating great videos; you also need to get people to click on the link to watch it. So, you’d naturally want to use a graphic which is designed specifically for your video but one which attracts attention. The good news is that you can do that with the tools below at home!

Canva is a freemium tool which allows you to create compelling custom thumbnails. All your templates can be saved for free which means that you can use the same template to create another graphic in just a few minutes. So, maintaining a consistent look is quick and free!

However, always keep in mind that your thumbnail image should be as large as you can make it. Ideally, setting it at 1280 x 270 is a good idea. You can upload it to your channel in a standard PNG or JPEG format while keeping the file size under 2MB.

Making end part templates

With YouTube annotations, you can make parts of the video clickable. The feature allows you to lead viewers to other videos which help in lead generation and encourages them to become subscribers to your channel.

YouTube End Cards, helps you visualize all the call to action and clickable areas. The templates are free by ReelSEO and includes a free PSD file which is editable allowing you to change key elements like the text and background.

Meta:  Enhance your YouTube video marketing campaign and audience engagement with these free tools.

Enhance your YouTube video marketing campaign and audience engagement with these free tools. via @scopedesign

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