Is it Wrong to Promote Products You Don’t Use?

A lot of marketers don’t believe you should promote a product unless you use it yourself.

But this is going to limit you.

For example, if you’re in the internet marketing niche, and you know how to get traffic, you probably don’t need another traffic course yourself. Same thing for a course on building funnels, writing sales copy and so forth. You’ve already mastered these things, so why do you want to wade through a 5-hour course when you don’t need to?

Maybe you spot a hot product that’s converting well and has great reviews. Why not tell your list about it, and include your affiliate link?

Just take the honest approach with your list. Tell them if you’ve bought the product or not, if you’ve seen the inside of the product, and if you use it.

Your list is going to understand that a seasoned marketer doesn’t need yet another course on how to build a list.

Letting your list know about new products that you don’t use is entirely ethical if you’re simply honest with them.

And from my own experience, being honest is a huge selling point, resulting in more sales of all the products I promote, whether I use them or not.