Types Of Social Media And How They Can Benefit Your Business

Being a social media guru, i’m very certain that half of the worlds population has already used the biggest social media networks, the likes of facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, whatsapp, youtube and the rest of them. But I’ve come to realize that there is more to social media than the top social media networks and the media sharing networks, and I wonder wouldn’t it be more overwhelming if social media is grouped according to their subject matter? I urge everyone to try to look beyond this side of social media and it will be glaring to us all that so many people are using different types of social media to connect to people all over the world.

Everyone would agree with me that there was a time when networks were grouped by its functional capabilities, that is; twitter was meant for short text contents, youtube was made for videos, facebook was made to reach out to people and connect with new friends etc. but as time passed by, new networks popped up, each having similar features. So instead of grouping them based on their hyper-specific user interest, or shifting technology features, why not reason like marketers and group networks into different categories that focuses mainly on what people hope to accomplish by using them, and how it can benefit her businesses.

Listed below are types of social media and what they are used for:

  • SOCIAL NETWORKS: Examples of social networks includes; facebook, twitter and linkedIn. These channels started as relatively simple services for example, twitter was a place to answer questions and facebook was where you could link up with old friends and even make new ones. But now with the rise of mobile networks, they seem to be doing more than expected, they help upcoming businesses come to limelight, they help in creating brand awareness, market research, customer service, and so on. These networks are majorly used to connect to people and online brands.


  • MEDIA SHARING NETWORKS: They include instagram, snapchat and youtube. The difference between media sharing network and social network is that their primary function is the sharing of media and for communication. They give people and brands a place to find and share media online. These sites are vital for brand awareness, audience engagements and they help in increasing the success of your business.


  • BOOKMARKING AND CONTENT CURATION NETWORKS: Examples are pinterest and flipboard. They are used to discover, save and share new trends in contents and media. They are highly effective for driving brand awareness and creation of website traffic.


  • BLOGGING AND PUBLISHING NETWORK: Examples are wordpress, Tumblr and medium. Their major function is to discover and publish contents online. If you are interested in building your brand and generating leads and sales, then these are the networks for you. They give people brand tools to publish contents online in formats which boosts sharing, discovery and commenting.

Knowing about these groups of social media, their functions, how they can build your business and reasons why people use them, can open up room for new ideas and a means whereby you can engage with your audience properly.