Top Password Management Tools for Businesses

As a small business owner, one of the things that you’ll have to do a lot of is managing multiple passwords. You will be required to memorize the password somehow to your PayPal account, website hosting service, email services, computer admin, and many others all the while ensuring that the passwords are hard to guess.

Thankfully, there are a few useful tools aka password management tools that you can use to manage all the passwords. If you’re a small or medium sized business owner or a manager who needs to memorize dozens of passwords we suggest that you always get the premium version of the tools discussed below.

Dashlane Premium


Yes, Dashlane does have a free version, but it’s for individuals and you are not entitled to extra features beyond just password management such as syncing across multiple devices, backups, and sharing. The premium version works on numerous devices and can handle much more than your passwords. At $39.99 it’s an excellent option to keep track of all your credentials.

Dashlane works across iOS, Mac, Android and PC devices. You get unlimited syncing, and so the number of devices doesn’t matter. One of the best features is that every time you change a password, it’s synced to all members of your team. There is also an “emergency contacts” feature so you can give up access to a different set of resources in the event of an emergency.


A neat and tidy interface and dashboard displays all the used and reused passwords as well as which ones it considers are weak.


So, what’s the password to the password keeper? Well, it’s compatible with Google Authenticator and a fingerprint scanner if you have an iOS device. Other tidbits worth mentioning is the password generation feature which can create very strong and random passwords. The program also alerts users of breaches and when a password needs to be changed.


LastPass Enterprise


LastPass suffered an unfortunate data breach back in June of last year which compromised the email addresses, authentication hashes, and password reminders for many people. However, the actual password themselves were hashed (encrypted) which means that those passwords couldn’t be cracked. That goes to show that despite the hack LastPass password management did work to secure what worth securing.
Available in 17 languages and on an array of platforms, LastPass Enterprise uses a special pricing structure which offers discounted rates as the number of users increase. Also, LastPass has begun introducing a bit of gamification to their system with the ‘Security Audit’ feature which helps find duplicate and weak passwords, then ranks them.


LastPass costs $24 per year, per user but the price goes down to $20 if there are over 101 users. The price goes down further to $18 for over a thousand users.


LastPass is also able to store data such as documents, credit card information, images, and IDs amongst other things. So, your most important data is always secure.


RoboForm is one of the most established players in the password management industry. RoboForm is also a lot more generous regarding pricing and features. What starts off as shareware, this inexpensive tool makes saving and entering log-in data a breeze. It also protects your contact data, and address so you don’t have to continue entering that information each time you sign up for something.

RoboForm also manages notes, downloads, bookmarks and various other titbits. At $10, it’s the cheapest one we’ve seen, and the 30-day free trial is enough for a small business owner to determine if it’s something they want.

RoboForm allows you to save all the data to your PC. Alternatively, you can also create an online account which allows you to use the program across all of your computers and devices. However, you’ll need to memorize the master password to your RoboForm account because it cannot be recovered once forgotten.

Extra features by RoboForm include a password generator, fingerprint scanner, safe notes, and will save smart card information too. You can also sync data via RoboForm’s tray icon in Windows or via the browser.


When it comes to a tool that offers the most relevant features for the best price RoboForm is the best choice. However, if you need versatility and multi-platform support along with backup options, then LastPass is a good choice. Dash Premium is for business men and women who just want something that works right out of the box after the initial setup.

We review the best password management tools for businesses in our experience. Find out what will work best for you. via @scopedesign

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