Remember Email Newsletters? They’re Still a Great Marketing Tool

There was a time, a long time ago, when every marketer sent out actual email NEWSLETTERS.

Yes, for you youngsters, this might sound like a fairy tale.

But it’s how email marketing got started.

Once a week or even once a day, a marketer would send out an email newsletter with…


Sure, there was probably an offer in there somewhere, too.

But 90+ percent of the newsletter was dedicated to what was happening in the niche, what was working for people, tips, techniques and so forth.

In other words, useful information.

Today email “newsletters” are mainly just promotional devices.

“The XYZ product is launching, and it’s the greatest thing ever” types of emails. These aren’t newsletters, they’re promotional pieces.

And that’s fine. But what happens when you offer your subscriber all promotions and no news or helpful information?

They stop opening your emails.

And then we get people on forums saying, “No one opens my emails, or if they do, no one clicks my links.”

No kidding.

The problem is they have not positioned themselves as the AUTHORITY in their niche.

They have, however, positioned themselves as one of many niche hucksters.

Try putting out a real, honest to goodness NEWS letter once a week and see what happens.

Guaranteed, you’ll build massive credibility with your readers.

Just the ability to direct readers to your YouTube page, your podcast page, your blog and so forth will build yourself up their eyes.

Yes, you are a REAL expert who appears in these different venues and has real knowledge to share.

When you write your newsletter, put in the news from your niche, some great technique you just found to get a certain benefit, a couple of tips that save time or money, personal stories about yourself, an announcement of your latest products, classes and services… you get the idea.

And if you happen to put a promotion in there too, that’s okay.

Your readers know you’ve got to pay the bills, and since you are once again the authority sending them the latest news, they appreciate your recommendations.

And act on them.

Give it a shot. Sometimes ‘old school’ really is the best.

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