How To Write Fascinating Bullet Points That Will Keep Your Reader’s Eyes Glued To Your Copy

In one of my previous blogs, I enumerated and defined the ten elements of a perfect website.

Today, I’m here to talk about one important piece of content that should be present within your copy – the bullet points.

Bullet points are used to enumerate or list important items in your content. These will tremendously help you achieve a scannable copy that your readers prefer more.

You can use your bullet points to

✅  Create a desire and build an urge to get your readers excited enough to chase the “secret” that you will reveal

✅  Stimulate your target audience’s intrigue and curiosity – pushing them to read, read, and read

✅ Emphasize your offer from different angles, which will also avoid the “flat benefit syndrome”

If you’re wondering where to start writing these short but fascinating and benefit-driven bullet points, you can always make your way through these formulas.

5 Proven Bullet Point Formulas That Will Ignite Your Copy

  1. The “how to” bullet

This is probably the most commonly used fascination formula both online and offline. But hey, it works!

People seem to have a natural curiosity when they see the phrase “how to.” That’s the key to why it always works.


“How to skyrocket your business in 30 days through organic marketing – page 67.”

  1. The “secret to” bullet

You can make the most of this formula, especially when your offer is not commonly known to the public – something to legitimately be called a “secret.”  Aside from that, focus on the benefit that this “secret” will bring to your readers.

However, be careful not to overuse this formula. The “secret to” bullet is used to produce a maximum impact.


“The little-known secret I used to generate 6 figures on my first product launch”

  1. The “why” bullet

The main purpose of this bullet is to build intrigue inside the minds of your target market. The “why” bullet promises to why something is in a certain way. 


“Why 47 percent of the adult population in the United States have hypertension and the simple tweaks for you and your family to be completely healthy”

  1. The “Plus” bullet

 The “plus” bullet sets the mindset of its readers that they are getting more. This bullet formula is best to be put at the end of the list – helping you finish with power and momentum.


“PLUS the complete list of my winning emails with 35 percent open rates…and how you can tailor them specifically for your offer”

  1. The “warning” bullet

This bullet is effective in warning your readers about some danger ahead. The “warning” bullet will be effective, especially when you back up the solution you have with solid proof. 


“WARNING: Avoid this morning habit like a plague! Keeping this one single habit can cause hypertension in the long run”


In a nutshell, bullet points are essential in persuading your target market. They will provide clarity and give your readers the picture that you need them to see. 

Remember, the purpose of your copy is to pump up curiosity and make your readers digest your content until they reach that buying decision.

What is your go-to bullet formula when writing copy? Let me know in the comments section, and I’ll let you know mine!

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