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The 4 Letter Word That Will Make You Rich

If you’re building an online business, there’s a 4 letter word you need to know. New marketers HATE this word. They will do most anything to AVOID this word like the plague. And they get mad when you suggest that maybe, just maybe they should consider adding this word to their business. (No, I’m not talking about ‘work.’)
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How Does the Internet Work?

Every time you fire up Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, you’re opening up a window to a sort of cyber world. It’s amazing how the internet has changed our lives. Most people think that it’s magic when you tell them that a website or their files reside in a cloud. In some ways, it is magic because it takes no effort on your part except for typing in what you’re looking for. But despite technology appearing to work like magic there is a lot more going on behind the scenes that you never see. Below is our attempt at taking you behind the scenes on a fun and fascinating look at how the internet works every time you access a website.
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What Is A ‘Cloud’ And How Does It Work?

Most people have no idea what a ‘Cloud’ or Cloud Storage is all about. Almost all iPhone, iPad, and Android users regularly uploading all their memories to the cloud are oblivious of how it works. The question you should be asking yourself is where does all the data go? Also, how come you’re able to transfer and access your data from anywhere instantly? The Cloud may seem like magic, but we assure you that there is solid science, physical wires and terabytes worth of storage involved. In this article, we attempt to unravel the mysteries behind cloud storage.
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