10 Elements Of A Website That Will Exponentially Increase Your Conversion

We are in a digital age, and no doubt that having a website is a necessity for businesses. A well-performing webpage can skyrocket your online presence and eventually boost your lead generation process and sales. 

At the time of this writing, there are approximately 1.169 billion websites across the globe. 

This means that it doesn’t end by just having a website or a good site design. A persuading webpage copy is also a must!

The 10 Elements Of A Website For Conversion

  1. Welcome Bar + Menu

The welcome bar is a throat-grabbing statement at the topmost part of your site. It can contain special announcements or discounts, product promotions, or a statement that collects your prospects’ email addresses. 

However, the most effective way to use it is by a time-sensitive call-to-action (CTA).

Example: Click here and get 15% OFF your order for the next 48 hours.

The Menu Bar is where you put your navigation links plus another CTA. The ideal number of navigation links is 4 or fewer.

  1. Header

The header is the section below your menu bar. It should contain:

✅  A photo or short video clip in the background that portrays your product or your customer’s success.

✅  A benefit-driven headline that will focus on how you can make your target market’s life better.

✅  A subheadline which is one short sentence to support your headline. You can impose more benefits or describe what exactly your product or service is.

  And a direct call to action button (example: Buy Now) and a transitional CTA button (example: Download Ebook For Free).

  1. Proof

This section is necessary to build your credibility. It can be

✅  Certifications or industry-specific awards

✅  Tv shows or publications that feature your brand or business

✅  Or the logos of the companies that you’ve helped (if you are offering a B2B service)

  1. Process

This is the step-by-step process that your target customers need to go through to avail of your offer. Ideally three to four steps. End this section with another CTA.

  1. Welcome Video

This is a short video that highlights the content of your website. A good welcome video consists of

➡  Brief introduction of your company

➡  The problems your target market is having right now

➡  Your plan to solve these problems

➡  Your huge claims, promises, and your guarantee to your audience

➡  The worst that can happen if your market does not take action

➡  A strong call to action

You can also impose more testimonials in your welcome video for social proof.

  1. The Explanation

This is a 3-4 paragraph long section that will elaborate on how awesome you are and what makes your offer “unique.” Focus on your “value proposition” at this part of your website.

Never ever put a huge block of text on your webpage. Other companies love to do this but always keep in mind that your audience won’t like to do this.

  1. Testimonials

With your existing client’s approval, insert their testimonials in this section. Put in their pictures, their names, and a fragment of their review or statement about your offer. Keep the quoted testimonials short and direct.

Again, the first thing you need for this section is your customer’s permission.

  1. How Much

If you think that this is where you show the price of your offer, well, it’s not.

This section will emphasize “how much” your target market can lose if they will not take action. If your product or service can save your customer’s time, money, or effort, then that will be the focus of this section.

  1. The Price

Yes, you are right this time, show off your price in this section. You can include options like package variations and let your target customers decide for themselves.

Being upfront with your offer’s price can benefit you in two ways:

➡  Eliminate “price shoppers” or those who only look for the cheapest product or service

➡  Build trust with your ideal customers and show them that you have nothing to hide

Don’t forget to include CTAs on every package option.

  1. The Footer

This section includes “everything else.”

✔  Copyright

✔  Privacy Policy

✔  Terms & Conditions

✔  Address

✔  Contact Information

✔  Social Icons

✔  Latest Articles

✔  FAQ

✔  SSL Certificate

✔  Industry Certificate

✔  Employment Application

✔  And other links that you can think of

Include also your logo on the left of this section.


In a nutshell, a lead-generating website should be properly planned and well-executed. It will require both technical and copywriting skills to be profitable. Yes, it will also take time, but if done right, you can say hello to an almost passive quality leads source.

We will be happy to read your thoughts about this post in the comments section and do share this post if you find it helpful.

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