How to Write Compelling Taglines That Sell Your Brand and Idea?

When you’re setting up a business one of the first things, you need to pay attention to after your logo has to be the compelling tagline. While your logo is a visual representation of your brand, product or service, the tagline encapsulates as to what it’s all about. Lot of fortune 500 companies have compelling taglines

A great tagline will be memorable, energetic and instantly tell people what you do. But coming up with compelling taglines that really work for your business can be easier said than done. That’s why big businesses hire professionals to figure out what will work best.

Let’s start with a few examples

We will take a look at GE’s compelling tagline “We Bring Good Things to Life” and Avis’ energetic tagline “We’re number 2. We try harder.” Both taglines are instantly recognizable because of the billions spent to market them, but there is another reason! They invoke shock and awe in the case of Avis and with GE’s tagline you feel that the company has you covered. And that’s all without even seeing their logo.

So, if you’re looking to come up with a great tagline of your own minus the money you need to spend hiring a pro, then follow the below rule of thumb.

Compelling Taglines

Find something that’s unique to your brand

The tagline is a major part of your company or product’s identity. So, you need to find something that’s so unique about your company that no one else can claim. If there are more than one unique things make a list, then do a bit of research to determine that in fact your business is unique in that sense.

What image do you want to create in the reader’s mind?

You need to figure out what image you want to create in the mind of the person reading your tagline. Take for instance if you’re selling an energy drink, you’ll want them to feel energetic. The same goes if you’re selling a piece of software. Knowing what response, you want to invoke will help you figure out what words to use.

Hook it up with your logo

Your tagline will always be seen wherever your logo appears. So, you’ll want to make sure that it either further enhances what the logo reflects or at least continues to build on the mental image that the logo helps instigate. Take for instance if your logo has the image of a muscle, your tagline can be “reinforced toughness.” Never draft a tagline that says something entirely different from what your logo conveys graphically.

Make it unforgettable

Your compelling taglines needs to be unforgettable. When drafting a compelling taglines, it’s always a good practice to draft a few different versions of it. Then show it to different people and get their opinion. The idea is to come up with a tagline that’s so well worded that people find it hard to forget.


While adding a tagline to define your brand and enhance your logo is always a good idea it’s not for every type of brand. As a matter of fact, eight of the ten leading brands in the annual Interbrand list have just logos except for McDonalds and GE amongst a few others. Other big businesses such as Microsoft, Apple, Coke, Google, and IBM are so perfectly organized internationally that their logos are instantly recognizable. But unless you have billions to spend on advertising and marketing adding a tagline to your logo makes good sense. It can be an incredibly effective way of setting your brand apart from all your competitors even the established ones.