What Are You Waiting For?

It can be scary to start an offline business. You invest in a location, inventory, people, insurance, advertising… the costs mount up and you haven’t made a dime yet.

What if it fails? Then you’re out all that money and time.

But online, you can invest only time and see what happens.

Let’s say you see a hot new topic. Will the topic stick for awhile? Will it still be hot next year? You don’t know. You certainly wouldn’t want to risk a brick and mortar business on it, but what about an online business?

You start a blog on the topic, and you post daily. You do a little SEO, and maybe a little outreach.

Basically, you spend an hour a day making a post. Google loves content. They love to see you are posting daily. And they love to offer searchers great content on hot new topics – something that can be hard to find at first.

Your blog is one of the first on the topic. The topic catches fire. Soon you have traffic, and lots of it. You can post ads, affiliate products, list build and so forth to monetize your blog.

60 days go by. You’re posting and making money, and best of all, you have a new asset.

Now you have a choice… keep running the blog or sell it. That’s right, now you could sell it for a nice profit and walk away. Your choice.

And it’s all because you devoted an hour a day to a new topic.

But what if the topic is here today, gone tomorrow? Try a different topic, something that is trending now and likely to keep trending.

I’ll give you an example from American politics. November 2016, Trump wins the electoral college and becomes president. You could start a blog about how wonderful Trump is, and another blog about his shady business deals, lies, corruption and so forth. That’s right, you could actually play both sides. Just don’t let anyone know you’re playing both sides.

This is a topic that will be hot as long as he is in office – perhaps as long as 4 years. Maybe even 8 years. You monetize the blogs, build the content which builds the traffic, and maybe after a few months or a year, you’re tired of this. You sell the blogs, walk away, and start again on a new topic.

Watch the news – ALL the news, not just politics, and look for new trends that you believe will stick for at least a few years. Choose one, and then start your blog.

You’ve got very little to lose and plenty to gain.