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How to Write a Professional About Page for Your Business

Writing the About Us page for many companies may come across as simple enough; after all, how difficult can it be to describe your business? However, as it turns out, things aren’t as simple as they seem. Many companies aren’t able to pull off an About Us page that people want to read, and according to a Google Analytics survey for many websites, it happens to be the most frequented page after the Home Page. So, it’s pretty evident that your business’ About Us page should be more than just an afterthought; if anything, it should contribute to your website or business’s goal.

When drafting your About Us page, the trick is to strike the right balance between selling your services and running the risk of driving them away if it is too self-centered. So, in other words, you don’t want this page to only be about you and your company but also about them, i.e., the reader, client, visitor, or buyer.

In this guide, we’ll touch upon a couple of things you can do to make the About Us page about your company just as much as it is about the people who may want to do business with you.


Talk About Your Audience – A Good Opener About the Perhaps

Everyone wants to be addressed first, and as a business, you can use that to your advantage. Start by discussing the most common problem for which your company provides a solution. For instance, if you’re providing a local plumbing service, the About Us page can start with something like: “Each Year over 500 homeowners in New York complain of frozen pipes, which costs hundreds of dollars to fix. Our service is geared towards helping people save money by preventing issues such as these…”

As you can see, your About Us’ opening line instantly addresses people who are reading it. If your research shows that most people contacting your plumbing service all have the same problem that can be used effectively as an opener. What you’re also doing with this type of opening is giving people a reason to read About Us so that they learn more about your business and, in turn, hire your plumbing services.

Connect with Your Readers

It would be best if you connected with the reader at a level and in a way that they understand. One way to do this is to how we did it in the above example. We started with discussing the reader’s potential problem but then pivoted to how it began our business. You can then build on this further and talk about who runs the company, why you are better than the competition, and what you think the future holds for your service.

However, another little-known method of connecting with your reader is equally effective, but few businesses use it on the About Us page. This connection method starts with you associating yourself with the reader because you had to face the same problem, which leads you to find the solution you’re offering.

For instance, if you were selling an online marketing program, your About Us page connects with readers with something like: “My online marketing budget was near exhausted, and I had nothing to show in the way of results. Even my investors didn’t want me to spend any more money on marketing and would instead allow me to close the business. That led me to find a method of online marketing that would work for my unique business.”

The About Us opening in the example above works great for some businesses like selling courses, how-to’s, offering financial services, SEO, or something similar. However, it can be repurposed for other types of companies, too but will require a bit of creativity.

Why Should You Be Trusted?

Many people who land on your About Us page are trying to figure out if they can trust you. So, it is essential to make that case.

One way to make the case that you’re trusted is to talk about yourself, your team, and how you go about ensuring that your clients or buyers are satisfied. Also, talk about the safeguards to protect people from fraud or some other kind of wrongdoing.


You can also build trust by mentioning awards that you or your business may have won, says in the mainstream media with links, etc. The idea is to paint a picture of your company having the experience, being reliable, and offering a service that people have happily used before.

Never Outright Lie in On Your ‘About Us’ Page

Lying on your About Us page is the worst thing that you can do. Not only are you disingenuous, but you are also ensuring that sooner or later, whenever people find out you are lying, it will damage your credibility. We’ve seen many businesses lose their hard-earned credibility when people found out that they lied about certain things.

It would be best if you didn’t create a fictitious story to connect with your target audience. Instead, find something factual that you can then use to communicate with your reader and tell your company’s story that’s interesting to read.


Get Someone Else to Read Your Page

Finally, once you’re done drafting the content of your About Us page, it is time to put it to the test. Ask friends, family members, and co-workers to read the page and get their feedback. Having a few extra sets of eyes read your content will help iron out the kinks and possibly get some fresh ideas on board.

If you’re still not happy with the content or you don’t get good feedback, then perhaps consider hiring a professional writer. Hiring a writer will ensure that the About Us page is easy to read and informative, and help build your credibility, which means more conversions.

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