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Tips for Drafting Your Contact Page

Your contact page is amongst the most visited pages on any website, but most businesses don’t take their ‘Contact Page’ all too seriously. The common consensus amongst most businesses is that the page only requires that people find a way to contact the company or certain business departments. While that may be true, it is also an excellent marketing tool that most companies are ignoring.

Your Contact Page should be redesigned to attract a visitor’s attention, but that’s only 50% percent of what we recommend doing. A beautiful design can only help your business to a certain extent; you also need compelling content to go along with it. It needs to have more than just location, phone, business address, or some boring text.

In this short tutorial, we’ll look at a couple of things you can do to make your Contact Page content better and more compelling to visitors.

Make Sure You Have a Contact Form and Not Just an Email Address

A contact form is a lot easier for visitors to your website to Use. It keeps them on the website; instead of telling them to fire up their email, punch in your email address and then get in touch. Most people will not do this. If you want to generate leads, it is important that the contact form is straightforward to understand and does not ask irrelevant questions.


A contact form also makes it easier to redirect emails to relevant departments like support, sales, technical queries, feedback, etc. However, your form must not have mandatory fields that are irrelevant. You also don’t want the form to look intimidating. Most people don’t want to answer any questions just for you to answer a few of their own queries. Also, many people are wary of their data being harvested by businesses.

An Amazing Title

It shouldn’t just say “Contact Us,” “Contact Page” or “Talk to Us,” it needs to start with something personal. The headline should tell the visitor to your page that you want them to contact you because there is a lot that your business can do for them.

Here is an example of a compelling headline for your contact page, “Let’s do something amazing.” Another good example used by a web design agency is: “Don’t be a stranger, just say hello” As you can see that there is no attempt to clamor for attention, it is friendly and invites the visitor to work with the business. It is personal and short, something which your headline should always be if you want people to read it.


Assure Them You’ll Be in Touch Soon

Nobody and especially not prospective clients, want to be kept waiting. You will need to reassure them that your company or a person responsible for communicating with them will get in touch.

Nobody likes waiting, so if you could give them an ETA of when they can expect to hear back, that’s always good. Generally, an ETA of 1 business day is good, but three business days is generally the standard in most industries. The point is to be realistic. If you receive lots of messages, it is possible to change the response time accordingly. The important thing is to ensure that your potential clients or visitors are always kept in the loop.

Your Page Should Have a CTA

Even though everyone knows what to do on the contact page, but not everyone will contact you. Some may need a bit of a push to contact you. So, you’ll want to give them something, perhaps an incentive.

A good example of this CTA is: “Get in touch with us for a free quote.” Doing this will assure the visitor that they don’t have to pay for any consultation, and that means they will be more open to asking the questions they want.

Final Word

A business’ Contact Page is important, and if you give it a bit of attention it can become an indispensable tool for gathering leads. If there is one thing any business can do to make their contact page more interesting is to ensure isn’t boring in terms of design or text.

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