How to Use Reviews to Impact Your Sales

How to Use Reviews to Impact Your Sales

In the online and even the offline business world, customer reviews are everything. A recent research estimated that 61% of potential customers would read online reviews which will have a direct influence on their purchase decision.

Customer reviews certainly drive sales and below are a couple of stats which should convince you of this fact:

  • Reevoo stats points out that having 50+ reviews for a product can mean a 4.6% increase in sales.
  • 63% of potential customers will most likely buy from a site which has reviews according to iPreceptions survey.
  • Website visitors who read both reviews on a website and interact with questions are 105% more likely to make a purchase and will spend up to 11% more than those who don’t. This stat comes directly from Bazaarvoice.

How to Use Reviews to Impact Your Sales

Customer reviews have SEO benefits

Most people may not know this, but customer reviews can give your web page positive link juice. For starters, reviews will give your page fresh content which all search engines like. Search engine spiders will see that reviews come in almost every day and will crawl your website more frequently. This type of SEO benefit is important especially if your website sells products that have the same manufacturer descriptions. The reviews are what will make you stand out from all the rest.

What about bad customer reviews?

In the real world, we all know that no business can have 99% or 100% positive reviews unless they are doctored. People can spot doctored reviews from a mile away. 30% of people will suspect censorship or faked reviews if they are not able to find highly negative opinions on your page. That said you shouldn’t fear bad customer reviews. As a matter of fact, a Reevoo study suggested that the presence of a few bad reviews can improve conversions by up to 67%. According to the research, many people will seek out bad reviews and even after reading those they will convert. The fact that they are putting in this much time to research means that they want to buy.

But despite what we’ve said above too many bad reviews is not good news. If a good portion of your reviews is negative, then you have a problem on your hands. For instance, a product page having fifteen reviews with two negative and thirteen that are trustworthy is considered good, but if it was the other way around, then it’s not good. As a matter of fact, Lightspeed found that more than three bad reviews will deter 67% of potential buyers.

How to get people to review your website?

One of the best methods of getting customer reviews is to make your product page more persuasive by using third party reviewing agencies like Bazaarvoice, Reevoo, Trustpilot, etc. Many retailers use these companies because people trust them and because their reviews cannot be doctored. Since the reviews are strictly authenticated customers know that reviewers actually purchased the product. The only downside to these agencies is that the fact that people who are dissatisfied are twice as likely to leave a review than a buyer who is satisfied. But that can be countered by motivating people to leave reviews by offering a free voucher, discount code or speedy delivery.


If your website does not have customer reviews, it’s time to start inviting them right away. However, always give buyers a reason to leave a positive review. If you sell third-party products, make sure to sell high-quality products and if you’re selling a service put in extra effort to make sure your customer service is top notch!

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