Traffic is NOT the Holy Grail – This Is


If I get another deal in my inbox informing me how to totally free traffic I’ll … well, I think I’ll do what I have actually been doing– erase it.

First off, there is no totally free traffic. Sorry. If it takes you TIME, then it’s not totally free.

Second, an absence of traffic isn’t the issue for 99% of online marketers. Nope. Traffic can be purchased in a heart beat. Go out the charge card and purchase solo advertisements and AdWords and Facebook advertisements etc till your card melts and you’ll be abundant, best?

Then why aren’t you doing it?

Since having a lots of traffic implies absolutely nothing if the traffic isn’t transforming.stencil

If concentrating on traffic is concentrating on the incorrect thing, then what’s the best thing?

Getting your sales funnel to transform well AND understanding your metrics.

That is the holy grail of internet marketing.

If you understand that every lead will make you $1 usually, then you likewise understand you can invest approximately 99 cents per lead and you’ll generate income.

If your leads are making you $1 and you can purchase those leads for fifty cents, then go on and melt every charge card you have actually got, due to the fact that you will make some lots of money.

Know your numbers, enhance your numbers, carefully track whatever and you’ll never ever fret about traffic ever once again.

Traffic is NOT the Holy Grail – This Is via @scopedesign

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