Tips for Improving your Google AdWords Quality Score

Tips for Improving your Google AdWords Quality Score by Scope Design

Most businesses operating online have used Google’s AdWords to get the word out about their services and products. Despite AdWords being extremely effective at pulling in targeted traffic, most businesses can end up on the wrong side of Google’s quality score.

Before we get into how to improve your quality score it’s important to know what the quality score is based on:

  • The overall average click-through rate of an ad
  • The performance of your AdWords account in general
  • The relevance of your ad to the content of your landing page
  • The relevance of every keyword in your ad in the context of your landing page
  • The quality and relevance of your landing page

The single most important element out of the five listed above is the ‘click-through-rate.’ The more people clicking on the ad, the more relevant, beneficial and useful Google considers it to be. When Google sees this, you are rewarded with better rankings, a better quality score, and naturally lower PPC campaign costs.


Tips for Improving your Google AdWords Quality Score by Scope Design
Start by organizing your account

To start with make sure that your AdWords account is well structured. Google is a stickler for neatness especially when it comes to categorizing, labeling, etc. Not only will this make the account and subsequent campaigns easier to manage but will also help you make sense of all the data collected. You’ll also want to split your keywords into ad groups. For instance, buy green vegetables, green vegetables, and fresh green vegetables should have their own ad group and not be mixed in with organic fruit.

Your ad copy needs to be spot on!

The ad copy should incorporate the main keyword or phrase in both the description and title. It is very simple to understand, but most people miss out on its benefits.

Only use laser targeted keywords

Even though your goal is to get the most clicks but if the clicks aren’t converting or are weighing down your quality score then things have to be re-evaluated. Make sure that your keywords are directly related to the theme of your landing page and the ad group.

Split test your ad copy

Always test different versions of your ad copy for every group. Create at least four ads for every ad group then shortlist the ones that perform the best both in the way of conversions and quality score.

Create a separate landing page for every ad group

You will want to create a separate landing page which is geared towards the theme of every ad group. One of the things you should ensure is that the main keyword of the ad group is included in the ad copy’s headline, and has a 2% keyword density within the page’s content.

It all boils down to high CTR

CTR or Click Through Rate is one of the most important things for any business that wants to earn a high-quality score. So, you’ll need to create so called ‘click appeal.’ Offer an incentive to make people click on your ad. One way is to touch on the best features and benefits of your product in the ad’s description, then a short call to action.


Improving your Google AdWords quality score is something you need to work on every day of the week. You can’t let things run their course on autopilot either even when you’re at a good score because it can go downhill all of a sudden. Once you have a good score, keep monitoring and change things around when you see the score change for the worse.

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