Tips for Effectively Selling A Service Online

Tips for Effectively Selling a Service Online by Scope Design

Selling services online can be a lot more challenging than selling products. The biggest problem that service providers run into when they try to target an audience online is that they can’t directly interact with them. The interaction is done via a web page, a video or a live chat all of which can’t convince a potential buyer if the service is good for them. It is for this reason that selling a service online is a whole different ball game. Below we look at a few things you can do to sell your service online a lot more effectively.
Tips for Effectively Selling a Service Online by Scope Design


Start by being specific

You need to be very specific about the service you’re offering. So, if you’re providing a web design service, for instance, be very specific about what the web design service entails i.e. just the design or will you also upload the website and do you work with CMS construction. Then throw in things like guarantees, delivery time, and how you’re different from the competition.

Your online sales copy should have a detailed breakdown of the service you provide complete with benefits that are clearly explained. If anything, it will help visitors to the website know instantly if that’s what they want. You’ll also have to deal with fewer queries about aspects of the service you don’t offer.


Show that you are flexible

You need to demonstrate that you are flexible enough to accommodate a potential client’s unique needs. A big part of selling a service online has to be convincing potential clients that you’re the best option for them and offer proof of your flexibility and results.

You need to use easy to understand sales copy which clearly explains how you’re going to customize the service. List a couple of categories your clients fall into and then talk about each group. Discuss how you adapt for each group and how that benefits the group.

A martial arts school, for instance, can start by listing the types of students they cater to i.e. teens, children and young adults. Then discuss in detail how the classes differ for each group and how that benefits them regarding learning the skills and improving their health.


Sell yourself like a product

In the services industry, you are the product. Doctors, real estate agents, lawyers, mechanics, hair stylists, accountants, etc., are all products that people will only purchase online if they are really good. Selling a service online means you’re selling your time but with a promise that the person buying it will see the results you promise. Always keep this in mind when writing copy for your website.


Pursue local traffic

Some services are best sold locally. Selling a service online does open you up to the entire world but why should a $100 a day bread and breakfast in South Boston focus on people in Australia? Make sure to sell your service to people around you first because they are mostly likely to use it. Use language, images, and videos that would best appeal to the people in your area. Sure, the guy across the street will not stay at your bread and breakfast, but there is a good chance that a person searching for a cheap hotel in Massachusetts will be interested!



Selling a service online effectively requires the courage to step up your game as compared to the competition. Unlike selling products, you don’t need to offer a huge discount, free shipping or any other attractive deal because your service is unique. Stand out from the crowd, and you’ll sell!

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