Jim Cendoma

With over 25 years experience in the industrial manufacturing arena, Jim Cendoma is recognized as a visionary leader and change agent who firmly believes that “with the right team, all goals can be realized “. Jim is the founder and principle of Sterling Innovations Group, specializing in the formation of strategic alliances to advance business through innovation.

An Alumnus of Elmira College and Penn College of Technology, Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Business coupled with an Associate in Mechanical Design. He is a noted speaker on Lean Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Product Traceability and True Voice of the Customer.

Jim enjoys living the lifestyle he practices as a professional, applying the principles of Lean (waste nothing) throughout his personal life. Often introduced as a “Serial Entrepreneur”, Jim is the host of talk radio program Risky Business, has launched several companies and has served as an advisor for companies ranging from Fortune 100 to Fortune 500.