Bill Jefferson

Copywriting is something that I’ve always known, probably because it runs in the family. My dad was a copywriter and my granddad ran a publishing company. However, unlike the work that my dad took on copywriting today is a whole different animal. I’ve had to relearn everything my dad taught me about sales copy, websites, slogans and banners and apply it to today’s ultra-competitive, minefield as we’d refer to it.

I specialize in writing copy for websites, landing pages, brochures, blogs and just about anything else you’d need great content to promote. My approach to every copywriting project starts with understanding who the reader is, what they want and how to best make them take that action. This often requires that I have a detailed Discovery Meeting with the business owner, business manager or whoever can give me the information I need.

My guarantee is that your business will always benefit from my insights as a creative writer. I know what makes people tick and I can use it to put you ahead of the competition! Plus, my experience working as an SEO specialist ensures that the content I provide is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo among many others.