The Team

A talented Creative Director, I have been working in the design and multimedia industry for over ten years, holding positions from Designer, Producer and Project Manager to Art Director and Creative Director. I am a dedicated professional and life-long learner. I thrive on the relationship I build with my clients.


With over 25 years experience in the industrial manufacturing arena, Jim Cendoma is recognized as a visionary leader and change agent who firmly believes that “with the right team, all goals can be realized “. Jim is the founder and principle of Sterling Innovations Group, specializing in the formation of strategic alliances to advance business through innovation.


The all-round creative writing guy. I’m your go to guy for everything from web content to brochures and squeeze pages. So, whether you want your restaurant’s website to sound delicious, build trustworthiness into your website or perhaps need your old web content redone, I’m the guy to do it for you.

Bill Jefferson

As a former administrative assistant and English/TESL instructor, Ms. Vossler knows how to take someone’s abstractions and hone them into complete, succinct sentences, paragraphs, bullet points, outlines or whatever else a project requires.


Financial advisor with Merril Lynch for 10 years and now back to entrepreneurial roots, my experience has been primarily in sales and promotion, with a strong knowledge of the financial world.