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What’s the Definition of a GOOD Website?

Most businesses these days have a website. But is that enough to make your business a success? Is it enough to help your business grow and thrive? I don’t think so. I’ve seen some pretty terrible websites. Here, I’m talking about sites that are arguably worse than having no website at all. They’re amateurish, ugly, and worst of all… They’re ineffective. That means they don’t do a single thing to elevate the business they represent. They don’t attract visitors, and when someone lands on the site by chance, they don’t stick around. The problem is that a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners don’t know what makes a good website. As horrible as this sounds, a lot of web developers don’t know. They might have a handle on one aspect of web design or SEO, and completely miss the boat on others. So, with that in mind, let’s take a few minutes to define what makes a website good. Once you know, you can create the kind of website that attracts new customers.
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7 Best Practices for Small Businesses Online

One of the most common misconceptions of small business owners is that they need to focus a lot on social media. They have been lead to believe that having 5000 Facebook fans, and a few hundred blogs, and Diggs will help them do well. But in fact, all they need is business i.e. customers, clients, referrers, and shoppers. But figures alone can’t make it happen. Getting real people to follow, like and buy from you is not difficult with the right approach. Most the steps below can be rolled out in just a couple of days. But the only thing is that it has to be done right!
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Why You Should Have A Mobile-Optimized Website

Mobile technology has dominated the internet, and it’s no longer a secret. With 4.01 billion  smartphone users and 85% online user engagement via mobile devices, it is only evident that  businesses think about mobile users. If you have an online business or want to tap the digital  market, you cannot do it without a mobile optimized website.
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