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Words That Increase Web Traffic

  Words! Everyday we use more words than we know, some of these words are often use repeatedly and for various reasons, these words appeal to us more than we now. Words is the difference between a thousand sales and no sale. Web marketers have come to the realization that words play an imperative role in the number of traffic that websites see, this has made web marketers wary of the sort of words used in campaigns, ads, blog posts or websites contents. Search engines have also made the use of words as a tool for driving web traffic prolific. How so? There exist two types of search engine searches carried out by users The first refers users in need if answers to questions. Examples of such searches are ‘when did world war II start?’ The second refers to users in need of specific services or information. The searches are direct and straightforward. Examples include ‘car wash service Ottawa As a website owner, the second group of search engine owners you seek to target This class of users are the ones ready to buy your product or service. But in choosing the right keywords for such ones, it is essential
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Web Designer Lingo You Should Be Up to Speed on Before Hiring a Designer

Getting a website designed can be an educational experience, to say the least. If anything you need a bit of education before hiring a web design firm because without it, you’ll never be on the same page. The most important thing to wrap your head around is the lingo or the jargon as its often referred to. By understanding the lingo you’ll be able to describe effectively what you want and understand what the web designer is trying to communicate.
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