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5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep

I found this gem in a Dr. Wayne Dyer recording, and I’m going to give you the paraphrased, greatly shortened version here… In your sleep state, your subconscious mind is busy at work. So let’s say you’ve just gone to bed. You’re laying there, getting drowsy… and what are you thinking about? Probably all the bad things that happened that day – all the things you didn’t like, all the people who were rude, all the negativity you experienced that day. But here’s the thing… while you sleep for those 8 hours, your subconscious mind is marinating whatever you’ve fed it. So if your last thoughts before drifting off to sleep are of bills and no sales and a lack of money, guess what your subconscious is going to give you?
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Things Are Not Always What They Seem

It is a ridiculously hot day back in the 1800s, in the wild west of the Southwestern United States. A lone cowboy is stumbling across the landscape, he is unarmed and has no horse, he often falls to the ground injured but still keeps dragging himself to his feet and carries on, not yet willing to release his grip on life.
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How To Change Anyone, Even Yourself

You’ve been wanting to start an online business, but you keep putting it off. You want to build a new website, write a new book, create a new product, etc., but you can’t seem to do it. Or maybe you just want to exercise more or eat better, so you have the energy to run your business. Whatever the change is that you want to make, you might be having a tough time making that change ‘stick.’
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