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This Isn’t Sexy – But it Sure is Profitable!

You purchase a product for $9 and you can’t wait to download it and see what’s inside. But instead of a download link on the next page, what do you get? A @#$%& upsell! Okay, admittedly the upsell looks pretty darn good. And it will make your life easier, too. So you spend the $29 and get the upsell. Now to go to the download page… What the ___?! It’s ANOTHER upsell! This one is $200. Which is a shame, because it looks so enticing. If only it were cheaper… …you click on the ‘no thanks’ link. And on the next page you see the same upsell minus the live coaching for only $49, so you grab it! Finally you’re on the download page and you cannot wait to open up all your goodies and get started. What just happened?
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The 4 Letter Word That Will Make You Rich

If you’re building an online business, there’s a 4 letter word you need to know. New marketers HATE this word. They will do most anything to AVOID this word like the plague. And they get mad when you suggest that maybe, just maybe they should consider adding this word to their business. (No, I’m not talking about ‘work.’)
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Email Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Who writes letters anymore? Almost no one. Who writes emails anymore? EVERYONE! Letter writing might have entered the Dinosaur Era, but the power of Emails still prevails. Here’s why you should consider developing email marketing strategies for small businesses. If you have a small business, you can benefit a lot through email marketing. A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association has found that email marketing ensures the highest ROIs. For every $60 investment made via this platform, there’s a $2 earning!
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