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9 Ways To Get Influencers To Send You Traffic

I received an email the other day from someone who asked, “It’s so hard to get influencers to take notice of what I’m doing – got any tips?” First, change your thinking. Online influencers have a constant need for interesting content to share with their readers. Create the right content, send it to influencers and I guarantee some of them will take notice and send you traffic. Here are 9 tips to make that happen:
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How to Build A Winning Business Marketing Strategy Online: Part I

Over the years we have worked with dozens of clients who have had great products, offered excellent services and knew that they were on the right track to some extent. But somehow they weren’t able to make much headway with their business marketing online. We are often brought in at a time when their business development budget is almost depleted and were consulted as a last resort. However, despite every business being different and targeting a different market, we found that there are many mistakes or errors that all businesses had in common when moving from offline to online or startup online. Our goal with this particular series of articles is to highlight mainly the steps all businesses should take from the very beginning to ensure that they are on the right track. We are going to simplify the process so that even someone with no background in online business marketing can understand and work through the steps we propose.
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