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In today’s fast-paced business world,

Server glitches, website errors and security breaches can all cost your business big time. However, the sad truth is that despite how much technology has evolved there is still a chance that your website may go down, your payment processor may change their parameters or you may require an upgrade in the shortest period of time. You also need to consider the fact that in between all of this mayhem software needs to be updated and bugs need to be weeded out from your website. This is where our retainer model comes in.

While most big and medium sized businesses can hire a team of computer professionals to handle day to day maintenance and the occasional glitch, small businesses simply don’t have the budget. This is where Scope Design and our team of professionals come in.

What is a retainer?

retainer is quite simply a fee you pay and in exchange, we continue to make sure that your website and everything associated with it is always performing optimally. Unlike, having a full-time team, paying a retainer is 75% cheaper. Plus, you benefit from having the most experienced and professional computer experts at your disposal.

Our retainer services

When you keep us on a retainer we will perform day to day maintenance tasks. We will also be one call away in the event of an emergency like a hacking attempt or glitch with the system. We will also consult with you when the time comes to expand your current website, redesign it or perhaps rebrand it. So, you always have the peace of mind knowing that there is always a team of professionals holding your back.


Which businesses should consider having us on a retainer?

E-commerce businesses that require their website be regularly updated / maintained.

Small businesses that require that their websites always be performing optimally.

Businesses that host their website and its backend on their own server for extra security.

Businesses that have experienced attempts to hack their website in the past.

Services that require an expert IT service to manage their day to day maintenance activities.

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