Social Media advertising & marketing

It's so much more than that!

Social media advertising and marketing is the next big thing because it allows for businesses of any size to reach millions of people.

It’s also 75% cheaper than conventional forms of advertising. However, most businesses are unable to leverage the power of social media marketing and advertising because its time consuming. Businesses also need an in-depth understanding of how the medium works as well as how to get people interested.

Did you know that there were 800 million active Facebook users in 2011, and now there are over a billion? 80% of Americans use Google+, Twitter and Facebook.


How we help businesses?

As professionals, we have years of experience helping businesses reach thousands of people via social media marketing. Our strategy is custom tailored for businesses we represent. Everything from the tone of the message to the design of the corporate page is part of a proven strategy which delivers results.

Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media platform you can be rest assured that we have you covered. Everything from posting regularly to sharing valuable content is done without you having be involved. Though we are always open to suggestions and invite our clients to be a part of the process.

Social media advertising

While many write off social media advertising as only being good for branding purposes, we have proven otherwise. Social media advertising whether its Facebook ads or sponsored Tweets can be highly effective at helping your business sell if the message is tailored correctly.


We have successfully used social media advertising to boost conversions for many of our clients who have otherwise been unsuccessful with conventional Google AdWords or other forms of Pay Per Click advertising. However, because people use social media to interact, the message should be crafted accordingly in our experience.

Most people on social media websites may not be looking to buy but they are certainly looking for an opportunity to get a good deal!

Similar to our social media marketing services our advertising campaigns custom tailor a campaign to your products and services. We can also tailor a campaign that’s most effective based on your advertising budget.

If you are not using social media to brand your business and sell products, then you’re missing out on a huge cross-section of the market.

But we can help you.

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