Quote Carts

Quote Carts is an E-commerce solution for any website that will allow customers to purchase from the website, based on your quote or individual search. This powerful shopping cart system is well designed, feature rich and user friendly. Featuring an intuitive admin interface that allows you to have complete control over your store.

Quote Carts offers a well-rounded set of features to create robust and efficient stores. It is fully functional from the start and comes with standard cart components, including Inventory, Coupons, Shipping, and Payment Integration. You will be able to fully manage the system: adding, removing, updating products from the administration area of the website. Individual product and category reporting comes built-in.

Each individual product you add has the ability to contain all of your marketing, product information, data sheets, and installation instructions. This will allow you to have the most recent information available to your sales representatives and customers. With powerful multi-level pricing, based on their login, your sales representative will also have the ability to build and customize a quote while on-site with a client, in the office or on the road.

There is amazing opportunity for growth within this system. The entire Quote Carts system follows WordPress Best Practices and is scalable and customizable. Allowing for further capabilities such as, blog or news sections, manufacturer updates, contact forms, frequently asked questions, and instruction downloads, to name a few.


A new integrated sales and quoting system.

Not a plugin but a fully managed SAS system running in the WordPress environment for ease of access no matter your location, or device.


Hidden Products

Variable Products

Customer Ease
Your customer has login and ability to see their pricing

Call For Price Functionality
Know who your customers are

Point of Sale System

Barcode Scanning Inventory Control