Website SEO Audit

As an introduction to our SEO Service we invite you to have us complete an SEO audit of your website. This is a very inexpensive opportunity for you to receive actionable insights into your website.
While we only charge $25.00 this is a $300.00 service.
These are the 12 things we provide as part of the Audit.
  • Complete website audit using paid tool
  • Manual audit using manual techniques
  • Finding out current SEO standings of the site
  • Competitors research
  • Keyword Golden Ratio Research Handing over 2 best keywords
  • Finding out the best possible location to rank in
  • Google Search Console (Submissions & Issues fixing)
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Installing/adding the best SEO plugin & setting up
  • Providing complete report of SEO audit in sheets
  • Preparing & Presenting the SEO strategies & work that we can offer