Keyword Research

1. Send Us Your 5 Chosen Topics

All you have to do to get started is let us know what keyword topics you’re looking for, your target country, and your domain name. Then, we’ll look into those terms as well as other relevant related terms.

 2. We compile the Data That Matters

By analyzing search trends, keyword difficulty, cost per click (CPC) for Google Ads, SERP features, user intent and current rankings in Google, we can create an average report that shows the best course of action to take for each keyword.

 3. View Your Keyword Research Report

We’ll arrange the actionable data into a comprehensive report that aids in prioritizing and identifying which terms should be given importance to get immediate results.

Keep track of the keywords and phrases being searched in Google with an emphasis on those with commercial objectives. Use this report to: gain valuable insights into customer behavior, improve your SEO performance, and identify opportunities for content optimization for these keywords. Ultimately, it provides an advantage to streamline your work and focus energy where it will have the most impact.

By including the intent for each keyword, we effectively ascertain what the user is looking for when they type in a query. This will help you deliver more accurate results and provide a better experience to your users, and help you decide the value of the word.

We provide recommended actions to help you prioritize search terms for the quickest results.


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