Brand Audit

A brand audit is an effective way to compare your desired outcomes with the existing market impact. This type of evaluation helps to assess your brand’s capabilities, values and identity along with its influence on customers’ emotions towards your business.

It’s essential to audit your brand before any kind of rebranding, launching a marketing campaign or expanding products. Also, it’s beneficial to conduct a brand audit when sales decline or the website visitor count decreases.

A brand audit’s results will bring valuable insights. The report we deliver will help you move forward with clarity.


Redefine Your Brand with Scope Design's Brand Audit

Do you feel like your brand is being lost in the noise? Are you looking to create an inspiring and impactful identity that sparks recognition and loyalty?


Scope Design’s Brand Audit can help. Our experts will review every element of your current branding—including logo design, messaging and positioning—and provide actionable suggestions for improvement. We’ll also analyze your competitors and create a plan to help you stand out and establish best-in-class branding.


Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • A competitive analysis of your market, including an assessment of positioning and messaging among current brands.
  • An exploration of how consumers perceive your brand through surveys or interviews with current or potential customers.
  • An in-depth review of your current brand identity, including logo design and color palette.
  • Recommendations for design updates or improvements to maximize the impact of your brand. 


The data we collect during our audit is used to craft a comprehensive report outlining our findings and providing strategically sound recommendations. Our team will also work with you to ensure that our recommendations are implemented, and guide your efforts in adapting the plan as needed.