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At Scope Design,

We specialize in designing all types of collateral. Our team of experienced designers have been designing collateral for small and large businesses alike. We use your company colors, logo, slogan and knowledge of your products to design easy to reproduce collateral.

Marketing collateral mainly consists of printed assets which have your brand image, slogan and your colors printed on them. Some common forms of collateral include brochures, stationary, folders, catalogs and flyers to name a few.

Brochure design

A professionally designed brochure can instantly get the attention of your target audience. It can then highlight the best features of your product, while communicating the fact that your business is credible and trustworthy. It’s also designed so that people feel compelled to hold on to it, which increases your chances of making a sale.


Our design methodology also ensures that the brochure design effectively communicates what your business is all about. We use subtle variations in design and colors which have been proven to retain a person’s attention. This is why our professionally designed brochures perform so much better.

Business cards design

Your business card design is like a snapshot of your business. Each time you give your business card to a prospect you’re giving them a snapshot of what you do, who you are and how you can benefit them. This compels them to call the number on the card.


We design business cards that make an impactful first impression. We base business card designs on our knowledge of your industry and business. This ensures that not only will people remember you but also make a good enough first impression to contact you when they feel the need.

Stationary design

Stationary design is considered as a way to passively market your brand. Your stationary design follows the same design language as your logo, website, and business cards. According to researchers well designed stationary can compel people to do business with you. It can also force people to think of the services and products you offer seriously. It goes without saying that no business is complete without custom designed stationary.


Our print design services focuses on telling your business’s story the audience you’re targeting. We take everything from your customers’ state of mind to what questions they may have into consideration when designing for you. So, the end product is always something that helps you connect with your target audience.

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so much more than that!


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