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Great Logos Make a Great First Impression!

From the “Nike” Swoosh to the twin tailed mermaids that welcome you at every corner of Starbucks, we recognize big businesses by their logos. A logo design for many of us is an instant mental connection that we all make with it.

Unlike what most people think it does not have to be a beautiful logo, it does not have to be colorful and it does not even need to be eye catching. The difference between a good logo and a great logo design is that the latter engrains itself into the psyche of the prospect. Its unforgettable and yet exuberates brilliance and dynamism.

The instant recognition associated with a well-designed and heavily marketed logo is the so-called holy grail of business. But while big businesses can spend billions on their logos and even more on building brand recognition, logos are as important for small businesses as they are for the heavy weights.


What makes a great logo?

A great logo should be memorable, it needs to be simple and it has to be original. These attributes ensure that the logo design is easy to reproduce across all mediums. It also means that people find it easier to remember and recognize the logo. Many times logos will just consist of the company’s chosen colors, this helps people relate to what the business does.

Experienced logo designers at your service


At Scope Design we have been able to consistently create memorable logos for our clients. Our approach to designing a logo is understanding what the business is all about and who the business aims to approach.

Our logos are often put through a thorough brainstorming and reviewing processes which ensures that the finalized logo presented to our clients is the best it can be. Plus, we do it at a price that puts us within the reach of even the smallest businesses.

Always start with a logo

As graphics artists, our experience shows that it’s always a good idea for businesses to start with a logo design. A logo lays out the ground work for everything else from the website to marketing collateral. It also gives your business direction which sets the tone for everything from your office’s layout to the culture within your organization. All of which are imperative to running a successful business.

Whether you’re an existing business that’s looking to get their logo redesigned or a new business which is about to introduce a brand new product.

We can help you.

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so much more than that!


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