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Your website is quite literally a window to your operations online. This is why crisp, professional and well thought of copy will yield better results. The results are not only much better in terms of search engine visibility but also the fact that visitors to your website find it easier to understand what you offer which converts them to buying customers. This is the reason why many businesses spend hundreds of dollars on copywriting services.

Website copywriting services

Over the years, we have come across many websites that were lagging behind because it lacked good copy. However, unlike big businesses, smaller entities may not have the budget to hire an expensive, $50 an hour copywriter. So, this is where we come in.


At Scope Design, our copywriters have years of experience drafting copy for an array of niches. So, whether you sell yoga classes or high-end jewelry, we have probably written copy for similar businesses before.

We guarantee written copy that’s fresh, crisp, professional and well researched at a price that almost every business owner can afford.

Landing page copy

landing page is often referred to as a sales page or a squeeze page. The purpose of this page is to collect leads. It’s the first page that visitors to your website land on whether they click on your ad or a listing in the yellow pages. So, this page has to be able to quickly get people involved in the process until they take the desired action which can range from entering their name and email address to calling you up.


Every landing page is different in our experience. The approach we take is to lead first-time visitors through to a final sale by convincing them that this is the best service or product on the market. Social proofs and call to action snippets in the right places have helped boost conversions for many of our clients by over 25%.

If you’re not experiencing conversions on your page or are experiencing a high bounce rate, the one reason that’s happening is because your landing page is not optimized for conversions. We design and draft winning landing pages for everything from affiliated products to seminars, classes and subscription products.

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