Scope Magazine – Issue #5

Thanks for checking out our 5th issue of Scope, your online marketing resource guide for small business. Each month we will be covering topics that resonate with local businesses just like yours.

Our goal is simple. We want to enable you to do big things online, and it all starts by breaking down the complexities of marketing your business online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re are just starting out, or an established business owner in your local community, you can always benefit from increasing your brand’s visibility online.

In this issue…

SEO Strategies for 2015 & Beyond

So it’s the start of a new year and small businesses everywhere are hoping this will be the best year yet to date. Every business needs an SEO strategy, but how should it look like in 2015? What we reveal may surprise you.

Essential Location Based Apps for Small Business

Location-based and finder apps are all the rage right now and more and more of our smartphone use is centered around GPS. Last year 74% of adult smartphone users used their devices regularly to find their way around according to Pew Research. This is big news for the small business owner who wants to leverage that.

Facebook Goes Local – Local Awareness Ads

Facebook has recently begun to push its new ‘Local Awareness’ more heavily as a critical aspect of its advertising for small local businesses. So now that business owners can get ahead of the competition and leverage its geographical specificity, is this something you need to take notice of? We think so!

11 Amazing (and Free) PPC Tools

We look at 11 of the very best PPC tools that we think are pretty much essential for your success. No matter your niche or your strategy, these will help you to create ads that get clicked and to waste less time chasing down keywords that no-one is interested in.