Scope Magazine – Issue #38


Thanks for checking out our 38th issue of Scope, your online marketing resource guide for small business. Each month we will be covering topics that resonate with local businesses just like yours.

Our goal is simple. We want to enable you to do big things online, and it all starts by breaking down the complexities of marketing your business online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re are just starting out, or an established business owner in your local community, you can always benefit from increasing your brand’s visibility online.

In this issue…

6 Ways to Get a (Virtual) Leg Up on Your Competitors

Marketing your business is easier than ever thanks to the internet. Right? Wrong. Well, not totally wrong – but there’s no denying that in some ways, digital marketing complicates things for small business owners. Before the inter-webs, most companies were competing with only a few rival businesses. With the internet, that all changed. Suddenly the marketplace (and the competition) became global. Does that mean you should give up? Absolutely not. The key to being seen online is understanding what you can do to separate yourself from your key competitors. Here are six ways to accomplish that goal.

Has Your Business Hit a Plateau? Here’s How to Get Things Moving Again

Your marketing is ticking along, delivering results and earning a solid ROI. Then, suddenly, it isn’t. What went wrong? How can you get back on track? The simple explanation is that you’ve hit a plateau. You were climbing, and now you’re on the flat. If you want your business to grow, you must find a new path to follow. The good news is that once you identify where your business has plateaued, you can take simple steps to correct the situation.

How to Curate Great Content for Facebook

Does hearing the words “Facebook content” immediately tire you out mentally? Do you cringe at the thought of having to drum up original posts every single day? Let’s be honest. Nobody really wants to do that and there is an easier approach to Facebook content curation. Here, we will share four of the best practices in curating great content for Facebook.

Online Marketing Trends to Give Your Business An Edge in 2018

In 2018, you need a sales and marketing plan that makes the best use of digital marketing to create more visibility and drive revenue. We’ve identified five major trends that should get your focus in 2018. The businesses that are able to best take advantage of these trends will get a huge leg up over their competitors. To give your business an edge (and to make this coming year more profitable for you) read on to learn more about these five important online marketing trends for 2018.


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