Scope Magazine – Issue #23


Thanks for checking out our 23rd issue of Scope, your online marketing resource guide for small business. Each month we will be covering topics that resonate with local businesses just like yours.

Our goal is simple. We want to enable you to do big things online, and it all starts by breaking down the complexities of marketing your business online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re are just starting out, or an established business owner in your local community, you can always benefit from increasing your brand’s visibility online.

In this issue…

6 Winning Content Marketing Strategies for Local Business

The competition for internet users’ attention is fierce, and if you want to make your company stand out from the competition, you have to stretch your marketing budget as far as you can. You might not have the money to take out Google ads or even to pay for Facebook advertising, but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept lackluster marketing results.

The Future of Facebook Marketing for Local Businesses

The key to using Facebook wisely is to stay on top of new trends as they emerge. You can’t afford to use the same marketing strategy that you used five years ago – or even one year ago. If you want the time and money you spend on Facebook marketing to pay off, you must find ways to keep up with changes on Facebook and use them to your advantage.

How to Use Yelp to Dominate Your Competitors

You’re a small business owner, so you already know about Yelp. It’s one of the most popular websites available when it comes to online reviews. A good average rating on Yelp is essential for local businesses. Research shows that close to 90% of all consumers check online reviews before patronizing a business, and that means that you can’t afford to ignore Yelp when managing your online reputation.

25 Must-Have Features Your Website Needs

When was the last time you updated your website or did an audit of its features? A good website must evolve with the times. Research shows that the average web user will wait only about six seconds for a page to load, and has minimal patience for things like complicated navigation or broken links. It’s your responsibility to do what you can to ensure that visitors to your website have a smooth and enjoyable experience that will encourage them to visit again – or to come to your physical location and make a purchase.

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